Peer-to-Peer Interoperable Options Protocol

Options for the 99%.
Zero days to expiration (0DTE)
No Liquidation when leveraged
No liquidity segregation
Options for native BTC Assets and BTC L2 Wrapped Assets.
Options for Liquid Staking Tokens/ Liquid Restaking Tokens
Options for Altcoins and more
Jasper Vault’s target users are 99% of crypto wallet owners who are NOT professional option traders. It is a “dummies” version of option trading platform.
Options DEX
Cumulative Volume
Audited by
Knownsec, Slowmist
KYT by
MistTrack, Elliptic

What differentiates jasper vault?

Multi-chain and Cross chain interoperability between BTC and EVM
Cross chain
Buy option from
Pay with
Buy option from
Pay with

Jasper vault Trading

For Option Buyers
Trade options with NO Scam Wick
Trade swaps via physical delivery of options
Trade options in intuitive and beginner-friendly mode
For Option Sellers
Peer-to-pool-to-peer model without counterparty risk via Jasper Vault’s Defi Options Vault (DOV)
Earn additional option premiums from trading on Jasper Pro
Multichain Interoperability
Options compatible with EVM Layer 1, Layer 2 & Solana
No liquidity segregation
Zero slippage
Zero mixture exposure

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Peer-to-Peer Interoperable Options Protocol